Essential Features to Look For When Buying a New Refrigerator – Tips From a Handyman!

Hi there, folks! So, you're thinking of swapping out ol’ frosty, eh? As a repairman of many a refrigerator, I can tell you there are a few things you need to look for when thinking about buying a new one. Last thing you want is to buy a shiny new icebox and realize it���s colder on the outside than inside. So, buckle up as I take you through the chilly journey of picking out your best bet!

The Size Makes the Difference

Before choosing, ask yourself, how big or small should it be? You could be a lone wolf, a hungry couple, a bustling family, or preparing for a robot-apocalypse hoard - the situation decides the fit. Always ensure to measure your kitchen space to find a good fit. A refrigerator is not something you just swap out; it becomes a part of the family – quite literally.

A Peek Inside The Fridge…!

Look beyond the glittering chrome doors. Do the insides match your style? Some prefer a single door, some a double door, a bottom freezer, or a top freezer. Top freezers usually offer more space but reaching them can sometimes feel like climbing a mountain. Bottom freezers are easy to get into but can shrink the overall storage space.

Energy Efficiency is Key

I always tell my pals to look for an Energy Star rating. It might seem like some fancy schmancy term, but trust me, it’s as simple as pancakes! Energy Star certified refrigerators are 20% more efficient than non-certified models. Imagine that - saving some serious dough on your energy bills!

Listen to the Hum

Now, I know, shiny appliances can be quite hidey with all their hushed hums. But getting one that’s quieter, aye, that’s gold! A quiet kitchen adds to the comfort of your home.

Smart Features That Make Your Life Easier

Modern fridges aren’t just about keeping food fresh; they’re like your own personal butler. Some come with smart features like temperature controls, humidity controls, quick-freeze options and even Wi-Fi connectivity (I know, right!). If you’re splurging, why not go for one which sings to you at midnight when you want a snack?

Dive Deep Into Drawers and Shelves

Crisper drawers, adjustable shelves, and special compartments, oh my! Adjustable shelving is a boon – believe me, easy to clean and customize. Some models also have special compartments for cheeses and meats, some even with fancy wine racks.

Picture The Aesthetics

Material, finish, and color – these facets are often overlooked. Stainless steel can be a jewel in modern kitchens whereas a white or black finish might suit more classical tastes. You might want to think of anti-smudge and easy-clean features too. A fingerprint-ridden fridge, yikes!

Chose Your Brand Wisely

This is the one where people often stumble. Remember to look for a brand with good after-sales service. Also, consider the warranty they offer. Some offer extended warranties at a nominal extra price.

Don't Forget Your Budget

Before you part with your shiny coins, make sure the refrigerator fits your budget. High-tech models can be pricey, but you can often find deals or customer reviews that showcase the most cost-effective models.

So my handy-DIY’ers, that’s it. Our journey from top to bottom, inside-out, of choosing the right refrigerating comrade has come to an end.

Quick Recap

Size matters, crystals on the inside, saving with the stars, a quiet hum, smart butler features, deep diving inside, picturing the beauty, choosing the right brand, and of course, keeping in line with your budget – You are all set now to pick the right frosty mate!

Well, this handyman’s gotta bolt now, another call for help is here! I hope my suggestions keep you cool and help in making your decision. Happy refrigerator shopping!